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Welcome, Megan Chronis!

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Sorry for the stupid question, but do you accept fc changes? —Anonymous

Wow, I’m sorry we didn’t get notified bc Tumblr sucks but yes sometimes. Let us know who you are considering and we’ll let you know if we can see that.

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TASK 001 - Questionnaire

First things first, Novella. Track #novellatask so we can read your lovely work once its completed. This is the first task of many to come. We’ve planned quite a few and they are all going to be a lot of fun for you all to do so you can expand on your character and maybe even explore into the past before the curse. 

This first task isn’t a lot of writing but will take some time. It’s basically a lot of general and deeper questions that you will answer as your character. This is not to be answered OOC. Do the best to can to answer them all but you can’t feel free to put an N/A. 

This task is due by January 26th! Please try to finish them by then. If not it’s not the end of the world but we’d really love to see everyone get involved. Under the read more are the questions:

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Welcome, Brett Davis!

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Welcome, Derek Parker!

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Welcome, Penelope Sweetnam!

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